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Working with international brands, Maxsex manufactures female sex toys catered to different regions and audiences, combining anatomical and ergonomics design with industry know-how and technology. 

Maxsex's Sincere Inception

Exploring Maximum Sex Sensation

Maxsex is dedicated to bringing maximum sex sensation to end-users through our line of diverse women’s sex toys. Through our powerful factory capabilities, supply chain system, and technical know-how, we continue to develop unique sex toys for different brands. Expert engineers know the secret to successfully craft high-performance sex toys for greater stimulation for any end-users.

17 Years of Experience

For years, we have launched patented designs with strong features that maximize the experience of different end-users. As such, we know how to please your customers and promote your brand to a wider audience.

Solid Supply Chain System

With over 2000 suppliers, we have access to qualified raw materials for consistent production. We streamline our production processes for more affordable, faster production, resulting in better revenue.

Contemporary Factory

Our factory produces large volumes of sex toys to meet increasing demand. Through our control over production, we serve brands of any sizes and supply quality sex toys at affordable prices.


Keeping up with the development trends of the industry, we constantly design new and leading sex toys for any regions. As we adapt to the challenges, our engineers create new functions that diversify the sensual experiences of your end-users.


In our pursuit to become the top sex toy manufacturer, we follow a strict quality process in selecting trusted suppliers and checking products at every level. We continue to design leading sex toys that can properly satisfy many end-users worldwide.

We Bring Impactful Sex Toys Solutions

Bringing technical advice on every aspect of production, we identify features of women’s sex toys likely to generate leads and increase sales for your brand of sex toys.


Inclusive Turnkey Services

Our comprehensive customer services support different brands by crafting personalized designs and applying marketing strategies based on our study of your region. From consultation to packaging, we provide thorough guidance for business, regardless of size, budget, and preferences.


Unmatched Design

Our in-house molding workshop and precision 3D printing devices produce prototypes of your unique product designs in a short time. As our experts study your target market, we manufacture ergonomic sex toys that are made both convenient to use and attractive to prospective customers.


Rigorous Quality Control

In ensuring we comply with export requirements, we follow ISO 9001;2015 quality standards as we manufacture women’s sex toys that perform optimally. From materials to finished sex toys, we uphold rigorous quality control through our strict testing within our factorylaboratories.

Powerful Production Capability Backs You Up

Combining a consistent supply of premium materials and accurate machinery, we continually produce large volumes of wholesale sex toys. By understanding target regions, we provide personalized sex toy designs to accurately display your brand quality.

Meet Our Proactive Team

With decades of experience, our team of experts has a profound understanding of sex toys to create hot styles that fit various markets. This way, we target different end-user preferences and customize every sex toy to better express your brand quality.

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Case Studies at a Glance

Over the years, we have been helping a selection of prestigious brands in market expansion through our world-class products, With 100000m² workshops, talented designers and engineers, and top-of-the-line machinery, we continually bring about bespoke solutions that draw more end-users worldwide.

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