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Part of our world-class service includes our capable customization for a variety of eye-catching female sex toys.

Powerful Design Capability

Your sex toy concept is brought to life through our customization service and improved through our consultants’ expertise. 

Bring Design into Life

Select from our rich selection of sex toys that are in demand within your target market and we will adjust it to give your brand a recognizable identity. By utilizing customer feedback and market demand, we optimize your design concept to make it attractive to your target audience. 

From Ideas to Finished Sex Toys

Maxsex sex toy manufacturer has the capabilities of bringing your tangible sex toy concept into actual products through our in-house molding workshop in our factory and precision 3D printing devices. Expect prototypes of your custom sex toy produced and delivered within a short period.

Always Faster than Your Peers

From an immediate reply to your inquiries to complete your orders, Maxsex takes record time to achieve all milestones.


Reply Within 6 Hours


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Design 7 Days


3D Sample 7 Days


Pre-production Sample 7-10 Days


Mass Production 7-30 Days


Delivery Deadline Adherence

How it Works

Our team works closely with you throughout each customization fabrication stage of your personlized customized sex toy.

Meticulous Communication
professional team members are under meticulous discussion of customer demands

Meticulous Communication

Through meticulous communications, we can achieve efficient turnkey OEM and ODM design that can accomplish your business goals. Working closely with our clients has allowed us to make the process smooth and avoid any miscommunication on important details. 

Design and Evaluation
experts are evaluating the feasibility of the internal and external structures

Design and Evaluation

The designers take in your product concept and communicate with recommendations. Utilizing our experience and product knowledge, we can evaluate the feasibility of the internal and external structures if it is sound or requires improvement. 

Rapid Prototyping
a rapid prototype is provided supported by 3D printing technlogy

Rapid Prototyping

In-house molding workshops and our precision 3D printing devices allow us to create prototypes of your unique sex toy designs within 7 to 10 days. Through our fast sampling service, you can make a fast decision to proceed to mass production.
Tooling Development
workers are tooling molds according to customized design

Tooling Development

Quick tooling service for sex toys is also possible through our in-house molding workshop. By offering a tooling development alongside our customization service under one roof, we help you save time, money, and effort. 

Mass Production
mass production is under way

Mass Production

Upon approval of the final designs, we proceed to mass production with our integrated production facilities. We are capable of delivering high-grade customized sex toys with a fast lead-time thanks to our strict production quality control and dedicated staff.

Unlimited Options, Endless Possibilities

Maxsex adult toy factory offers a wide range of customization features, helping you create unique and marketable custom sex toys.

Sex toys can be customized with various shapes, angles, and textures


Sex toys can be customized with various shapes, angles, and textures. Our experience in exporting sex toys and rich product expertise since 2004 ensure us provide marketable appearances that will have an impact on your target market. 

brand logos, graphics can be printed on customized sex toys by silk printing and hot pressing


There are various printing methods to incorporate your logo, company name, graphics, and other text onto your custom sex toys such as silk printing and hot pressing. With the options available, we are capable of handling monochrome and multicolor logos and prints. 

Maxsex has a rich selection of colors that can match the target market’s taste


Draw your audience to your brand with bright and vibrant colors on your enhanced women’s sex toys. Maxsex has a rich selection of colors that can match your target market’s taste. The Pantone colors can be customized freely as per request. 

Maxsex can adjust the size and dimension of sex toys to meet any demand


Whether you require small or large-sized sex toys, we can make it happen for you. Maxsex can adjust the size and dimension of your sex toys and make it suitable for your target markets.

a wide range of optional functions such as vibrate, stretch, pull, suck, swing can be personlized


Make your sex toys more fun and pleasurable through a wide range of optional functions such as vibrate, stretch, pull, suck, swing, and much more. By giving end-users more control through speed, vibration pattern, and intensity, you can easily draw in niche markets.

The softness of your sex toy can be adjusted to resemble natural human skin or genitals


The softness of your sex toy can be adjusted to resemble natural human skin or genitals. With the varying degree of softness on your personalized sex toy, we can give your brand a recognizable identity for your target adult sex toy market. 

Design Philosophy

Years of exporting sex toys allow us to determine and incorporate marketable designs into your sex toys. 

Utilizing the feedback from end-users as well as trends in the adult toy market, we incorporate several unique functions into our sex toys. End-users can have precision control over the intensity of their stimulation.

Function Precision

By making our exterior appearance simple and minimalist, we make it recognizable to your target demographic. Compared to sex toys with complex designs, our sex toys can definitely make your brand stand out.

Appearance Simplicity

Ergonomics is everything people want from any handheld device, including sex toys. We elevate the end-user experience and market research to improve our sex toys. You can easily capture your target market’s attention with our ergonomic sex toys.

Design Ergonomics

Take a Look at Our Designs

See how we can make a difference to your brand by browsing our previous projects below.

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