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Maxsex provides turnkey women’s sex toy solutions to the global audience through strong manufacturing capabilities and tailor-made approach to your pressing market demands.

Material Preparation

We assist you in picking the proper materials to use on your sex toy project based on your directives. We make sure you get the best materials and technology that suit your market and budget.

Tailor to Your Products
engineers are selecting the right material to meet the market needs

Tailor to Your Products

Various types of sex toys require diverse materials, and Maxsex makes it a point to have access to materials the current market trends dictate. We ensure you can meet your market’s need with our production prowess and material selection.

Adhere to Your Markets
data of market trends and demands are always updated

Adhere to Your Markets

Depending on your target market and location, materials must meet certain qualifications for import and sale. Our world-class materials adhere to FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications, making sure you can offer them to most markets without worrying about product regulations.

Tailor to Your Budgets
team members are discussing to achieve the best quality within budget

Tailor to Your Budgets

Understanding that different businesses have different budget allocations, we make sure that your budget won’t affect the quality of your product. We work closely with reputable material purveyors to acquire the finest materials based on your budget restrictions.

Shell Molding

Our premier manufacturing facility houses several modern injection molding and silicone molding equipment to facilitate the production of your women’s sex toys. These state-of-the-art molding machines support custom material shells, while the latest over-molding technology contributes to fewer burrs and no molding seams of completed shells.

a worker is operating the molding machines with customized material shells

Post Processing

Additional details are placed on the products at this stage, enhancing the design while stamping your brand to the products.

Resin residue found around the edges of the sex toys are carefully taken out either by hand or using advanced trimmers, giving the completed product a cleaner and neater appearance.


Your unique brand logo is imprinted on the molded product, strategically placed to not to interfere with the product’s functionality. Prints are either monochrome or multicolor, based on your specifications.

Logo Printing

Through carefully selected oil paints, details are added to the sex toys, accentuating their features and enhancing their visual appeal. Paints are tested for safety according to our quality standards.

Oil Painting

workers are assembling sex toys by hand


Once the external parts are molded and prepared, our female sex toy is assembled along with the electronics within the product. Our technicians follow strict assembly guidelines to ensure an ideal installation.

Testing & Packaging

After assembly, we go through a series of tests to guarantee the reliability and durability of the assembly. Some performance tests include aging tests, tensile checks, and temperature inspections will be done to test the overall performance. Later, a full inspection will be conducted on every sex toy before it leaves the factory.

a worker is carefully packaging sex toys.
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